The Sendoff: Legomaniacs

What happens when you put fire and Legos together?

A surprisingly elegant lighter (just kidding that thing is dangerous)

And now for something completely unrelated, a baby elephant playing with a kiddie pool…



The Frenzy: Pudding Face

Jell-O Pudding has launched a new and sort of creepy ad campaign that not only incorporates a (pretty funny) Twitter and emoticons aspect, but also weird facial expressions (reminiscent of Kristen Wiig’s “Gilly” character on SNL)  that entail one’s “pudding face,” or the reaction that you have after eating a cup of pudding…

Watch the funny spots below and get your pudding face on.

Kristen Wiig as Gilly. Yeah boiyee! 


Songbird: Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse.

This post is a bit late (it’s technically already Wednesday) but we wanted to bring you a little bit of a sombre but necessary post, paying homage to the late Amy Winehouse with a live version of “Love is a Losing Game” from a recording at SXSW 2007, because frankly, it’s a pretty great vid.

We’re also including a link to Youtube’s video playlist homage to Amy as well.

Rest in peace.

The Sendoff: Talented Twins

Friday has finally arrived and although Rebecca Black has come out with a new single, that’s the most I’m going to say about it.

Instead we have for you a pair of smooth-moving twins shaking it to Outkast‘s classic “Hey Ya.”

Check it out below. Happy Friday!