The Frenzy: Wikileaked

A good ad can go a long way.

At least that’s what it seems like in this parody of a Mastercard commercial promoting donations to the notorious WikiLeaks.


Check the spot below.


Smashion: Feather Frenzy

The latest fashion trend has caused an uproar against the fashion world from a most unlikely audience: fly fishers.

The latest fad of clipping or binding the vibrant and beautiful rooster feathers normally used for fly fishing into peoples’ hair has lead to a serious depletion in the number of available features for fly fishers, not to mention a rise in the cost, causing some bad blood between the fashion world and dedicated fly fishers.

Read more about this weird fadĀ here.

Screwball: Get Stupid

Although we feel like Diesel’s “Be Stupid” campaign/philosophy might not be sending the best message, the ads are preItty funny.

In this particular spot, they propose a successful strategy of “stupid” with a program that makes Facebook look like Microsoft Excel so that you can slack like a champ and stalk your friends even more discreetly at work.

Check the video out below.

The Frenzy: Commercial Kings

Love commercials? Love cats? These two friends and Youtube stars Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal have taken both to the next level in their new show “Commerical Kings” on IFC, in which the comedy duo takes on a bunch of local businesses and helps make them free commercials. There are explosions, old people, and a huge amount of cats involved in the first episode, which is offered for free on Hulu. Click here for their Youtube page or website.

Oh, and here’s their Youtube promo.