Songbird: Thom York & Single Ladies

Radiohead released King Of Limbs last week. With it, they released this video of Thom York dancing to ‘Lotus Flower’, a new single of their album.

Now enjoy Thom York dancing to Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’.

Smashion: Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson’s line, which hit stores in 2007 featured shoes, bags and boots and has since expanded into clothing. This year’s Spring line will push her into the billion dollar range, making the Jessica Simpson brand more of a fashion empire. She is the first celebrity-turned-designer to reach that landmark. To read more and see pieces from her fall line, click here.

The Frenzy: Tipp-Ex YouTube Campaign

Kudos to Tipp-Ex for this inventive campaign on YouTube. This viral campaign is most surprising when you learn it’s an advertisement for Tipp-Ex white out. Then even cooler when it becomes choose your own adventure. We’ve never heard of Tipp-Ex before, but we now know they exist. Enjoy!