Smashion: Start Your Fashion Line

Interested in starting your own clothing line? Do it! You are sooo stylish. No, really – you are!

Check out this article from mashable on 3 ways to design your own clothes.

Or pick the brain of accessories designer Rebecca Minkoff at her seminar from The Learning Annex, February 16th (6:45-9:30pm at the Hilton). She will take you through developing your own ideas and creating a business plan.

Or if you just need a how-to guide for making cute stuff, check out P.S. I Made This.


The Frenzy: Get Your Goat

Media’s new “it” animal is the goat. From monkey’s to ducks, we have grown accustomed to our animal friends selling products. And in the spotlight right now is the goat. Recently seen in Aflac and Capital One commercials the goat is having a taste of the limelight. ┬áTo read more, click here.

Smashion: The Fashion Whisperer

Sometimes it takes one man with a vision (and a beard) to influence our styles. Ouigi Theodore, known to locals as the bearded man, has style for days and it’s gaining influence around the world. His dream consists of a new urban look – one that is more suit & tie then baggy jeans. His store, Brooklyn Circus, in Boerum Hill has become a staple for tourists from Japan and Europe. You can check out his style blog here. To read more check out this NYT profile.