Smashion: Start Your Fashion Line

Interested in starting your own clothing line? Do it! You are sooo stylish. No, really – you are!

Check out this article from mashable on 3 ways to design your own clothes.

Or pick the brain of accessories designer Rebecca Minkoff at her seminar from The Learning Annex, February 16th (6:45-9:30pm at the Hilton). She will take you through developing your own ideas and creating a business plan.

Or if you just need a how-to guide for making cute stuff, check out P.S. I Made This.


Smashion: The Fashion Whisperer

Sometimes it takes one man with a vision (and a beard) to influence our styles. Ouigi Theodore, known to locals as the bearded man, has style for days and it’s gaining influence around the world. His dream consists of a new urban look – one that is more suit & tie then baggy jeans. His store, Brooklyn Circus, in Boerum Hill has become a staple for tourists from Japan and Europe. You can check out his style blog here. To read more check out this NYT profile.