The Sendoff: Happy Halloween


Screwball: Funny Stuff

Want something to make you laugh today?

Check out The Frenemy, a great blog with life lessons we all need. Like 10 phrases we should all stop saying – topping the list includes Literally and I am above all the drama. Please take out pen and paper and begin taking notes.

Also check out this great article from The Onion: Cockroach King Concerned over the recent rise of bedbugs.

And, of course, If you don’t have a halloween costume yet, check out Huffpo’s list of funny costumes for 2010. Sue Sylvester from Glee and a Vuvuzela guy / girl are some of our favorites.

Smashion: Amy & Fred

We love music and fashion. And when the two come together, we are most likely interested. Amy Winehouse just dropped a new line for Fred Perry. It feels a lot more Fred than Amy, but the line is cute as a button. To the full line, click here.


The Frenzy: Oh Snap

What is the best way to land a new account? Make the brand yourself. No one knows this better than Steve Grasse of Quaker City Mercantile. Besides earning the title of ‘one of the people we most admire’,  he was also just landed the enviable title of “Jedi Distiller” by NYT writer Charlotte Druckman. To read more about Steve, his Jedi skills, and his new ginger-based liquor named Snap, click here.

Songbird: “Life” By Keith Richards

Keith Richards has lived a crazy life but lucky for us, his memory is in intact. Now 66 he can still remember the minute details of being swept up in transatlantic stardom with The Rolling Stones. Being a member of one of the worlds biggest bands lends itself to a pretty interesting memoir, out now. To read a full review from the NYT, click here.

The Frenzy: Google TV

Launched earlier this year, Google TV, which allows you to stream internet programming direct to your TV set, has been continuing to get the cold should from large networks. CBS, NBC and ABC have recently decided to block Google TV. While Fox and MTV aren’t blocking them, they aren’t exactly signed on either. But with more and more people watching TV in non-traditional ways, it seems that eventually something has to give. To read more, click here.