Screwball: Worst SNL Hosts of all time

SNL came back this week with host Amy Poehler. In honor, compiled this list of SNL’s worst hosts of all time, from Andrew Dice Clay to Paris Hilton. Check out the complete list here. Luckily, veteran Poehler remains on our funniest host of all time list.


songbird: New York is Killing Me

Gil Scott-Heron’s first album in 16 years I’m New Here, out now on XL records, gives us  great songs and also great new videos. The performance video for the eponymous track I’m New Here, directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard premiered on IFC. You can watch it here. The video for song New York is Killing Me was directed by another recent comeback kid, Chris Cunningham, best known for his 90’s Aphex Twin videos Windowlicker and Come to Daddy, premiered this week at MoMa. You can watch it here. Enjoy!

The Frenzy: YouTube Saves The Day

Orabrush was struggling to get a foothold in the tongue cleaning market. After $50,000 spent on infomercials with little reward, Orabrush created a YouTube channel. They launched a weekly YouTube series called Morgan the Orabrush Tongue, featuring a man dressed as a tongue who faces real life situations like eviction. Oddly enough, it worked. According to the NYT, the Orabrush has sold over 1 million brushes over the internet and drugstores are beginning to stock the product. To read more about the Orabrush and other small businesses that have launched their brand through creative ways on YouTube check out this NYT article.