Songbird: Best New Albums

Pitchfork listed the best new albums. To see full reviews click here.

Matthew Dear Black City on Ghostly Records

Arcade FireThe Suburbs on Merge Records

Curren$yPilot Talk on Roc-a-fella Records

Best CoastCrazy for You on Mexican Summer Records

The DreamLove King on Def Jam Records

Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty on Def Jam Records

WavvesKing of the Beach on Fat Possum Records

CEOWhite Magic on Modular / Sincerely Yours Records

Julian LynchMare on Olde English Spelling Bee Records

EmeraldsDoes it look like I am here? on Editions Mego Records


One thought on “Songbird: Best New Albums

  1. Fred A.

    The Arcade Fire I already own, and it’s pretty epic. Definitely better than their sophomore effort and maaaaybe rivaling their debut album in terms of quality. Is that crazy? It’s crazy.

    I streamed the Wavves album recently and I really like it. Has kind of a chill-wave feel to it, a la Ducktails. Also heard great things about Best Coast.

    Thanks for posting!

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