Friday Sendoff: Jane Austen’s Fight Club

No corsets, no hatpins, and no crying.


Songbird: Concert Sales in Decline

It’s no wonder our parents told us to become doctors and lawyers. Being a rockstar is anything but easy in this financial climate. A new article in the NYT reports that 2010 tour sales have reached levels so low that many artists are opting to cancel shows entirely. Many claim this is due to musicians trying to recoup lost record sales through higher ticket prices. However, consumers are choosing not to buy anything at all. Unless it’s a lady gaga ticket  – but really, can you blame them?

The Frenzy: Momline Dating

Most people know someone that met their spouse online. Just one generation ago it was not uncommon to date and marry your high-school sweetheart, but now meeting random strangers after reading a well-thought out profile is a new form of intimacy. But how much have our views on dating really changed? One thing that remains the same: meddling moms. Geri Brin, has set her son Colby up dozens of times. Now she has taken things to a new level. Introducing ‘Date my Single Kid’, a parent-driven site that allows you to create a profile of your son or daughter. Let the romance begin!

Having your mom pre-select the person probably takes some of the pressure off. Especially if you have the type of parent that would create an online dating profile for you. Best of luck to all you momline daters.