Tastemakers Love Cats

The formula was simple:  a picture of a cat + quirky misspelled caption = web millionz.

I’m not sure the success of the site I Can Haz Cheeseburger could have been anticipated. But there is no denying the charm of the user-submitted funny felines. NYT featured this cat empire and all its glorious spin-offs proving that we are not alone at marveling at their success. Much like good television, the web brains behind Cheeseburger Networks took what was working and created like-minded sites to follow up their funny cats. These sites attract those bored at work trapped in cubicles. Not surprisingly there are millions of them (us).

While most of their sites feature cute animals, they are also the creators of the hilarious Fail blog, which is a user-generated spin-off that captures, well, failures. Let’s just be honest, there is nothing funnier than failing.

Here’s to hoping that Cheeseburger Networks keeps doing just the opposite of that.


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