Brands Buy Street Cred When They Break New Artists

AdAge recently posted a story about how big brands aren’t spending big bucks on big names anymore, but rather scouting ‘up and coming’ talent, and breaking new artists. Smart move! The benefits that a brands get from breaking new artists are plentiful. For one, these ‘up and comers’ have often earned a loyal and passionate fan base through their own online efforts. The relationships created between artists and their fans are founded on credibility, passion, and attraction, and therefore are much deeper and more devoted relationships than those created from, say, a billboard or banner ad. Also, even with new artists, fan bases can often be in the hundreds of thousands, so if the brand helps create new and compelling content around that artist they are essentially purchasing a large and devoted following. Finally, if a brand picks up an artist before they blow up, they get to ride the crest of that wave with the artist, as is the case with Coca Cola and K’Naan. Everything the artist does to promote themselves has the secondary benefit of promoting the brand at the same time. phearcreative recently did a project with Yahoo! called Sound Decisions based on this very concept. Check out our work with one of our featured artists Ryan Leslie here


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