Has ABC ‘LOST’ its edge?

On May 23rd, 2010 the last episode of ‘LOST’ aired. What will we do without our Jack Shephard fix? Since 2004, ‘LOST’ has received a lot of praise and acclaim as being one of the most original shows on TV. But now that they have wrapped the final season, executives over at ABC have to wonder how they are going top the success of ‘LOST.’ During commercial breaks, ABC advertised their shows for the upcoming summer season and let me just say, they’re not looking so hot.

The first show entitled ‘The Gates’ is a thriller about a suburban neighborhood filled with dark secrets. The ambiguous  trailer seemed to be referring to vampires with a few werewolves sprinkled in. It doesn’t really matter though, this ‘True Blood’ wannabe doesn’t stand a chance. The next show, called ‘Rookie Blue’, is a dramedy about five young cops straight out of the police academy. Interesting idea, but the cheesy promo with their poorly delivered one-liners suggests their plot may not have the stamina to make it in the ratings. ‘Scoundrels,’ a show about a family of small-time criminals, is the newbie displaying a slight glimmer of hope if only for Virginia Madsen in the lead and writers Richard Levine and Lyn Greene of ‘Nip/Tuck’ at the helm.

Recently, ABC has talked up their current programs ‘V’ and ‘Flashforward,’ comparing the paranormal activity and ensemble casts (with several of the former members of the LOST cast) to the tragic island drama. Well, ‘Flashforward’ is on the road to cancellation and I hope ‘V’ is headed for a similar fate. As a worldwide phenomenon, ‘LOST’ took us on one helluva ride, the show and its creepy title screen sounds will be hard to replace.  Oh ABC, what will you do?


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