Organic Spirits: Could Life Get Better?

Here’s a man who knows exactly what he wants.  In 20 years Steven Grasse went from disgruntled ad man to happy-go-lucky organic farmer and distillery owner.  For all you entrepreneurs out there, let Grasse give you a little push in the right direction.  He opened his own ad agency at 23, operating by the business plan: sex+drugs+rock&roll=cool sh*t.  After a successful run selling other peoples’ products, he decided to create his own, and he started with Sailor Jerry.  Beginner’s luck?  Probably not.  Grasse is one of many to point out that the quick and cheaply made products that surround us are not necessarily what we need or want. And we’re not talking tree hugging or petitions; this guy is making organic liquor and trying to ignite his local economy. I wish I had my own liquor brand. I’d call it Boozehound Betty in honor of my mother accusing me of being a boozehound back in high school (Side note: This was 2000 not 1957).  Grasse may be my new hero, saving the world one bottle at a time.

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