Snookie Made the Cut?!

Advertising Age revealed their Top 10 Entertainment A-List for 2010, a look at the 10 celebrities, marketers, properties, and brands that made a killing getting their name out there.  The list is sure to surprise, with people you love to hate and companies you had no idea were pulling the strings.

From teen pop star, Justin Bieber’s rise to fame via youtube to the soft drink big dog, Pepsi’s marketing makeover with the Refresh campaign, these groups are doing something right. While Jersey Shore painfully brought us Jäger Bombs and gelled hair, their popularity is undeniable.  Seriously, I tried for a year to boycott their existence.  I finally broke down and watched a few episodes. All I can to say is thank you MTV for the train-wreck called Snookie and the poof she rode in on.
Sony Pictures credits their success to a quality product.  When questioned about their success this year, Jeff Blake, Chairman of Sony Pictures worldwide marketing, had this to say, ‘We can be as ahead of the game as marketers as we can be, but there’s still something called a good movie. You can think of all the promotional partners and tie-ins you like, but what gets people into the theater is a good movie.’ What? If this is true I have no one to blame but myself for seeing Twilight New Moon in the theater. “The pressures of social media and consumerism (and teens with their shirts off) made me do it!” Damn you, Mr. Blake!


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Brendan Benson joins the list of impressive artists to share their time and their music at the Collect.

Brendan had a great time at the Collect.  He and Corey Chisel played some standards together (Check out the full length versions of ‘American Girl’ and ‘Dead Flowers’ on our youtube channel), and he liked the Barking Irons clothing so much that he wore our tee at his show that night.  And his acoustic version of Tiny Spark really fires us up.

Organic Spirits: Could Life Get Better?

Here’s a man who knows exactly what he wants.  In 20 years Steven Grasse went from disgruntled ad man to happy-go-lucky organic farmer and distillery owner.  For all you entrepreneurs out there, let Grasse give you a little push in the right direction.  He opened his own ad agency at 23, operating by the business plan: sex+drugs+rock&roll=cool sh*t.  After a successful run selling other peoples’ products, he decided to create his own, and he started with Sailor Jerry.  Beginner’s luck?  Probably not.  Grasse is one of many to point out that the quick and cheaply made products that surround us are not necessarily what we need or want. And we’re not talking tree hugging or petitions; this guy is making organic liquor and trying to ignite his local economy. I wish I had my own liquor brand. I’d call it Boozehound Betty in honor of my mother accusing me of being a boozehound back in high school (Side note: This was 2000 not 1957).  Grasse may be my new hero, saving the world one bottle at a time.

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