Let them eat cake

Cupcakes are delicious. And I suppose if cupcakes had a gender, they would probably be female. In the same way, it goes without saying that hot dogs are probably male. But that doesn’t mean that eating hot dogs fills me with testosterone, however I recognize that the previous statement might easily be proven scientifically false.

Enter Butch Bakery

The first thing that is surprising about Butch Bakery in NY is that it operates under the misconception that eating something girly in a masculine environment, somehow makes it acceptable. But I am pretty sure that Butch, sounds anything but manly. The only person that has a problem with men eating cupcakes are, in fact, insecure cupcake-loving men. To show my indifference to this, I am going to go around to every stand in the city and shove dogs covered with whatever I want down my cupcake hole. And I am not even going to bat my lashes. So Butch Bakery, I think it’s time you man up, and stop being pussies about your cupcakes.


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