NYC seeks $300 permit fee for filming – The Boston Globe

NYC seeks $300 permit fee for filming – The Boston Globe

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Maybe boobs do cause earthquakes?

Organizer Jennifer McCreight called it Boobquake. In response to a comment by Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazem Sedighi, who was quoted as saying, “Many women who do not dress modestly… lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity, and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes.”

McCreight decided to put the cleric’s theory to the test. McCreight said that when she posted the idea on Facebook she did it as a spoof. But the response was overwhelming. As of Monday, more than 80,000 have signed up on McCreight’s Facebook site.

Yesterday, Monday April 26th was Boobquake and according to the Associated Press, a 6.5-magnitude “earthquake struck off the southeast coast of Taiwan on Monday, causing buildings to sway briefly but no casualties or damage. The temblor was felt at the site of a massive landslide in northern Taiwan but did not hamper rescue efforts.”

Who’s laughing now? Boobs? Clerics?

Sex in the Where?

If it were ‘sex and a city’, or ‘sex in the cities’, that would make more sense. Having just watched the trailer for the Sex in the City 2, due out next month, I am completely confused as to why this movie was made. If you are like me, you fell in love with the fifth character in the series, Manhattan. And it was like seeing a long-lost friend in the first movie. But the sequel takes place in the much more obvious Abu Dhabi. Of course! Why didn’t I see that coming?

I am pretty sure the writers were sitting around talking about the weirdest cities that they could send these self obsessed, over primped characters. Brainstorming sessions might have included Bollywood, Ho Chi Minh, or Outer Mongolia, but then finally it’s decided, Desert-Sheik! The fashionistas show up on sand dunes with camels.

The whole premise is that the ‘girls’ are going on vacation. This was believable when they went to Mexico for Carrie’s un-honeymoon. However it’s going to take a couple more margaritas for me to allow for Sex in the Abu Dhabi.


As we are gearing up for prom season, the style blogs are reporting that this year’s prom fashion trend is “slutty – chic”. And I could not be more pleased.

As I was reading in teen vogue, which I am sure every thirty-something New York woman does (right? RIGHT?), the best approach to prom is to channel your favorite celebrity and choose a red carpet worthy look.

This year, it seems, we have far less virtuous celebrities to choose from. It’s quite easy to see where our girls get their slutty style guides from – with influence from the Jersey Shore and a slew of celebrity mistresses. Ashley Dupre, Rachel Uchitel, and Michelle McGee have become household names, which by definition, gives them celebrity status. While all of them grace the covers of magazine, sadly none of them are wearing red carpet worthy looks. In fact, they are hardly wearing anything at all.

That brings us to the hottest high school prom looks this season:

While my first reaction is to be horrified, the truth is that when I was in high school, I didn’t have the confidence to wear anything that revealing. Clearly there are other lessons for young girls to learn from these Slut-ebrities – show off what you got – at least while you got it. So while we might wonder if our future precious ‘slutty-chic’ girls will head straight for the pole, I would at least like to applaud them to have enough courage to wear such a daring ensemble.