My Google Super Bowl Ad

It seems that the winner for Best Super Bowl ad was the Google ad. For Google’s Super Bowl ad, a man searches for a study abroad program in Paris, goes out to cafes, meets a French girl, learns about truffles and Truffaut, goes back to the States, decides to find a job in Paris, marries French girl, and has a baby. It seems pretty strange that this guy only uses Google a handful of times in 3-4 years. Here is my own Google Super Bowl ad.

“Greg Oden nude pics”, “Theme Song from My 2 Dads”, “Ashley Greene nude pics”,”Where is ‘Dear John’ playing”,”Ke$ha torrent” “What does Lucky Pierre mean”,”Who played Mr. Furley in 3’s company”, “Naked pics of Don Knotts”, “Did Keanu Reeves star in Little Buddha”, “Taylor Swift nip slip”, “Weddings in Vermont”, “How to adopt Asian Baby”.


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