“Weren’t The Grammys amazing?”, said no one to no one

The Grammy Awards are like the old guy at company parties who tries to way too hard to show that he is hip, but ends up reminding everyone how unhip he is when he breaks his hip trying to dance with the 23 year old intern. The 2010 Grammy Awards cemented its status as the least relevant award show because it has the feel of an awful high school talent show. The performances are overproduced and kitschy, the forced collaborations between current star and aging star are awkward (More chemistry between Rihanna and Chris Brown than Taylor Swift and Stevie Nicks), and the only winners are the corporate-owned artists of the only 4 songs played by corporate-owned radio. 2010 added to its weirdness with its ridiculously over-the-top and nonsensical tribute to Michael Jackson with a fantastical 3-D video of butterflies, horses, and killer whales while Celine Dion, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, and Carrie Underwood sang the ultra-depressing MJ hit, “What About Us”. Paris and Prince Jackson may have made a heartfelt emotional speech about their father that brought the house down, but I was too distracted by their cousins who all look like MJ clones gone terribly wrong.

Enjoy my favorite Grammy moment of my lifetime when ODB interrupts his polar opposite Shawn Colvin on stage.

Remember Wu Tang is for the children.


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