America Watched the Pro Bowl

In my opinion as well as anyone with a brain, the NFL Pro Bowl goes against everything we love about football. There is no physical play because no one wants to get hurt and most of the players have been off for 3 weeks so many are already ridiculously out of shape. The byzantine restrictions on offense and defense limits teams to a pee wee league playbook.

This is why I was stunned when an article on Fanhouse reveals: The numbers are in from Sunday night’s game, and the Pro Bowl broadcast did a 7.9 overnight rating, which is 39 percent higher than the rating the Pro Bowl got on NBC last year. By way of comparison, that’s a better rating than the Orange Bowl or the final round of last year’s PGA Championship. It also dwarfs the 4.4 overnight rating that Sunday’s Lakers-Celtics game got on ABC.

With a new time in primetime and located at the Super Bowl venue, what millions of people have always derided as a meaningless exhibition game is actually a major event. From the 10 minutes of the game I watched yesterday, Tony Romo was leading a potentially game-tying 4th quarter drive with the NFC trailing 41-34 to the AFC when he threw a terrible interception in the final minutes ruining any chance of a comeback. Maybe there’s hope it will someday resemble a real game.


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