Weirdest Feud of the Month: Marv Albert vs. 50 Cent

Guarantees in life are death, taxes, and a 50 Cent feud. The laundry list of 50 Cent feuds include Young Buck, The Game, Cam’ron, Ja Rule, but the latest name is the most shocking:Marv Albert. During an appearance of ‘The Jimmy Kimmel Show’ last night, members of 50 Cent’s entourage yelled obscenities and scuffled with legendary broadcaster Marv Albert after failing to recognize him. Usually I would support 50 Cent in his feuds because of I’m always in favor of the guy who’s been shot more times, but not this case. How do you not recognize Marv Albert, the world’s greatest sportscaster? The only sportscaster who can make any great basketball play transcendent with his memorable calls, “YESSSSS!”, “TOTAL FACIAL”, and “TENACIOUS D” (inspired Jack Black and Kyle Gass’ amazing band). If I were a rapper, I would designate at least one member (3-5 to do my fantasy teams) of my entourage to watch sports and keep me up to date and know basic things like Marv Albert is absolutely amazing and Joe Buck sucks. Check out Albert’s latest memorable call above.


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