College Basketball is Back!

Because the local NBA teams, the Knicks and the Nets, are a combined 1-20 and terribly unwatchable, I have become more excited about this college basketball season than a tween for the Twilight movie and it has already proved rewarding. Freshman sensation and potential #1 draft pick in the 2010 NBA Draft John Wall led Kentucky back from a 16-point deficit and hit a game-winner in his first collegiate game. Both preseason #1 Kansas and #2 Michigan State played nailbiters against rebuilding mid-majors Memphis and Gonzaga. North Carolina looks reloaded despite losing 4 starters and Duke is extremely overrated. Being a Big East super fan growing up on Allen Iverson’s Georgetown teams going against Ray Allen’s UConn teams, the conference looks like it may not be as deep as it has in recent years, but full of exciting players like West Virginia’s Devin Ebanks and Georgetown’s Greg Monroe. An exciting college basketball season will surely make up for a lackluster college football season without any significant player performances or exciting teams and will leave 2-3 undefeated teams out of the Championship because of a computer formula. Until college football adopts a playoff system, it will never top the magic of March Madness.


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