20 Years Since the Hoff Tore Down the Berlin Wall

Today several world leaders are in Berlin celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Sadly missing from the celebratory events is David “The Hoff” Hasselhoff to sing, “Looking for Freedom”. To commemorate this great event, here is a clip from the Hoff performing on top of the Berlin Wall New Years Eve 1990. With it’s indelible lyrics “I’ve been lookin’ for freedom; I’ve been lookin’ so long; I’ve been lookin’ for freedom; still the search goes on”, the song served as the anthem for the Fall as it embodied the frustrations of the Germans over the divisions. It is a shame Germany still refuses to acknowledge or honor the Hoff for his reunion efforts. No statues, no monuments, or even a picture at the Berlin Museum. Despite the lack of recognition, the Hoff continues to make peacemaking efforts with the German people. In 2006, he helped its native son, Dirk Nowitzki overcome his propensity to choke in the NBA playoffs and guide the Mavericks to the NBA Finals. As you drink your Pilsners and Dortmunders to celebrate this great occasion, lets give thanks to the man instrumental in making this day possible. Tausend Dank Hoff!


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