Apparently Seyðisfjörður is Icelandic for Soundville



Sony’s latest campaign out of UK based agency, Fallon, involves a complete sound takeover of the city Seyðisfjörður. They installed speakers all over the city, and filmed local people reacting to the music. Sony released a series of 30 second teasers  in March 2009, which seems pretty far in advance for a 3 minute documentary.

Sony Europe uploaded the short doc Sony Soundville 2 days ago, and then took it down. I’m not sure why they did that, but some other youtubers still have it up. Perhaps 6 months wasn’t enough time and they are reediting it. Or maybe, just maybe, Sony wanted to look really cool and released the video for 1 day, and wants other people to make it go viral. Why else would other people still be able to have the video up? Chicanery aside, this is a great idea in a beautiful place. The only thing that is missing is some choreographed dancing.


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