YYYs @Williamsburg


Karen in a cape
Karen in a cape

Last night the Yeah Yeah Yeahs played an excellent show at Williamsburg Music Hall. They didn’t play my favorite song, Turn Into, but c’est la vie. I am never disappointed in Karen’s outfits. She emerged in a burka like shrowd that was lined with cords that glow neon pink in the dark. Last time I saw her in Texas she was wearing a leotard and a cape. 

The highlight of the night was the opening act. I googled to find out their name and this was the first description I came across: “As for opening act, Services, let’s just say for me they were the musical equivalent of monkeys throwing feces and leave it at that.” Well said! 

 Services was so hilarious that it was better than watching a legitimately talented band. It was if they went to a Ghostland Observatory show and said “We can do this,” then bought a keyboard and changed names from Tristan to TRZTN. The uber cool duo rocked out on their moog and a …xylophone? I’m not sure what they were playing, but it sounded like tunes from a Halloween themed prom. The best part of the act is the solitary cymbal. One of the guys prances around it as if he were having an artistic Beethoven-esque fit of creativity, then beats it violently with a drumstick, as seen here.  

Naturally this talent was rewarded with contributions to the soundtrack for Where the Wild Things Are. I actually think that their sound might be appropriate for a movie about monsters. We’ll see!


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