Fight Smack in the Orphanage

Finally, smack addicted orphans are getting the services they need. Local hero and pimp Chocolate Giddy Up, who appears in the 2009 hit Black Dynamite (coming to theaters Oct 16!), has changed from his smack-selling, pimping ways to simply pimping ways. By understanding that orphans do not need to be sold smack anymore, he is making personal progress whilst helping smack addicted orphans do the same. The most impressive success story on FSITO’s website is the tale of Troy Clark. “Troy was living on the streets and addicted to Smack before he was out of diapers. By the time he was rescued by a FSITO Smack Warrior, he had a rap sheet as long as his arm – having been convicted of armed felonious assault, menacing with intent to do bodily harm, illegal downloading of music and receiving stolen goods. After meeting one of our Smack Warriors at the Detroit Youth Detention Center, he decided to leave Smack behind and chart a course for success.”  According to the site, Troy is currently President of General Motors. Success!

Other companies are pitching in to help smacked out babies as well. Anaconda Malt Liquors has designed a new line for kids that contains methadone to help the ailing orphan in recovery. Magnum Black Condoms created a special “Let’s Do It For the Orphans” campaign to show their support. Visit to read about Chocolate Giddy Up and find ways to help in your community. And “remember, every condom sold saves an orphan. Every condom not sold makes one.”

Chocolate’s friend Bullhorn:


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