Ren Netherland: Anne Geddes of poodles?

Panda + Poodle = Panoodle?
Panda + Poodle = Panoodle?

Creative dog grooming shows have taken America by storm. Photographer Ren Netherland has captured an array of these “dogs.” The less you can tell it is a dog, the better. Move over babies, because poodles are the new transformable apple of the photographer’s eye. Aside from guessing what each animal is dressed as (camel? Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean?) the interesting issue is whether the dogs love the attention or loathe it. The contestants are only given 2 hours to transform their dogs, with the maximum prize being about $1,000. These time and monetary limitations are important considerations for the dogs’ well being. See more photos at and share your opinion.

Egg by Anne Geddes

Chicken Poodle

Now we know the egg came before the chicken.


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