Successful Viral Videos

We’ve all seen the T-Mobile dance, the Cadbury eyebrow dance and the Samsung sheep with LED lights videos. These viral videos are extremely popular and have succeeded in the market. But have you ever wondered why videos like these become so widespread? Abbey Klaasen from Ad Age interviewed Visible Measures’ VP, Matt Cutler, to find some answers.

Cutler states that viral videos like these have common features: they leave room for conversation, they’re fun and they don’t answer all the questions. Was the T-Mobile dance really staged? How did they get all those people to dance perfectly synchronized? Did others join in that were true bystanders? There are so many unanswered questions to the production of the T-Mobile dance commercial, which is one reason why it is so successful. Cutler also states that the first week is the most crucial for viral videos; there should be an “initial burst,” and then sustained support over time, eventually producing a sequel (which T-mobile did with the Hey Jude video).

For those of you still curious about the production of T-Mobile dance, check it out here:


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