Fashion At Your Fingertips

Entrepreneur Dan Gilbert launched an invitation-only fashion website called StyleCaster back in February that has now grown to more than 200,000 users per month since the launch. This revolutionary fashion and lifestyle page provides individuals with the latest fashion trends, social networking, a large catalogue of brand name clothing and fashion events in your area. The main perk to this website is that it displays information based on the
user’s preferences. This means that you can be served up an outfit you
might like, a video featuring your fave designer, or a stylist whose eye you
might like. Users create their own “stylecast” and connect with fashion
experts and fellow fashionistas to help them discover new things, make
buying decisions, and discuss opinions. When users find people with great
style they can have them start influencing the accessories, clothing and
stories they see on their stylecast page.

StyleCaster just closed their $4 million series round of financing that will be used to accelerate the growth of their platform by investing in content
creation, cell phone and internet applications, advertising growth, and
international expansion.

Looks like the brick and mortars might be empty a little longer than we

Picture 1


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