Friends Reunion…Sort Of.

Last fall, Lexus launched an online entertainment channel called the ‘L Studio’ that featured an eclectic mix of high-toned programming covering everything from art to science. One of the lighter comedic shows they featured was Web Therapy. Lexus recruited “Friends” Alum Lisa Kudrow to headline Web Therapy and play a wacky shrink that counsels her patients via web cam. The ‘L Studio’ is Lexus’ attempt to connect with consumers and turn their brand into a lifestyle.

So far, so good.

Kudrow just received her first Webby for this hit series, and to keep the ball rolling Lexus recently recruited fellow former Friend Courtney Cox Arquette to appear virtually alongside Kudrow as a psychic who has lost her visions and is desperate to get them back. Cox even pokes fun at her husband’s large family and sister-in-law who plays a psychic on Medium.

It’s been five years since the two have appeared alongside one another, so tune in July 6 to see if the reunion will be as buzz worthy as Lexus hopes.


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