Verizon: The Buck Stops Here


On June 11th, Verizon’s guerilla marketing campaign to promote their 99-cents-a-day prepaid cell phone plan was put to a halt. The 60 taxis Verizon hired to transport people around Manhattan for only 99 cents per ride had to stop 3 hours after the promotion began. According to, the campaign violated a taxi-licensing rule that states that the meter must run while passengers are in the car.  Ultimately though, Verizon emerges as the hero in this story, fighting to protect New Yorker’s wallets.  While the Taxi and Limo Commission gets to look like jerks.  Perhaps the campaign was more effective this way.

Verizon hopes we’ll stay along for the ride when they continue their campaign on June 23rd by serving 99-cent Mister Softee ice cream around the city.


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