Pre-Natal News

Forget Bing.  Microsoft may just trump the social networking world with its latest endeavor, Project Natal. Like something out of Minority Report, Project Natal will connect us to a virtual world through motion and voice sensors through the new Xbox 360 console.

The controller-less console scans your body’s skeleton, so it can sensor your body motions in order for you to connect to your friends and family in a more personal way than Facebook, Twitter, or even the phone (um. how personal can you go?).  The Xbox also allows you to watch movies and play games on your TV without a remote. Choose a movie with the wave of a hand. When it’s over, say “goodnight,” and off it goes.

“Project Natal” does not have a release date yet, but Microsoft hopes that it’s “no remote needed” console will be on shelves within the next year.


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