The Many Faces of Johnny Depp

Just days ago, images were released of Tim Burton’s upcoming flick Alice in Wonderland that is set to hit theatres March 5, 2010. So, in light of all the hubbub I decided to take a look back at all the wild characters these two have created together.

The relationship between Burton and Depp began with a pair of scissors in 1990. In Edward Scissorhands, Johnny Depp plays a troubled man who has problems communicating with the world and is isolated in a tower, not to mention he has scissors for hands. The movie is your classic boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, but boy can’t be with girl because boy may kill her.

Edward Scissorhands

Then in 1994 Depp conquered the role of Ed Wood, an aspiring filmmaker who likes to wear women’s clothing. Minus the fact that this was a box office bomb, Ed Wood really shows the beginning of Johnny Depp’s versatility as an actor. Playing a man who loves to dress in women’s clothing is quite a role to tackle, especially not looking half bad in a dress and wig.

Ed Wood

Ichabob Crane, who is rumored to be a real person, was Johnny Depp’s next Burton role. The bromance continues as Depp depicts a constable from New York sent to the eerie town of Sleepy Hallow to solve the mystery murders and uncover the tale of the Headless Horseman.

Sleepy Hallow

The eclectic, off your rocker character Depp portrays as Willy Wonka is ingenious. In 2005 Johnny Depp pulled you into this fantasy world that is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The creepy smiles, bob haircut, and awkwardness build a whole new character we have never seen Depp adapt to before.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Corpse Bride came out within the same year as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and as the story goes, Burton puts a little twist on the wedding day of a nervous groom-to-be. Even this doom and gloom animated character resembles Johnny Depp and the various Tim Burton creations!

Who knew a skunk stripe could look so hot? Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street won Depp a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a musical or comedy in 2007 and gave him a chance to unveil those beautiful pipes of his.

Sweeney Todd

The most recent collaboration between Burton and Depp is for the much hyped Alice in Wonderland. Johnny Depp is playing the Mad Hatter; a tailor made role for his versatile talent. Looks like another extreme role for Depp to wow us with.

Alice in Wonderland


Rock ‘n Roll ‘til You’re Full

It’s 2:47 a.m. and you and your friends decide you’ve never been hungrier, even though you ate a hefty dinner at 8 p.m. We’re not going to jump to conclusions of why we may be hungry this late at night, but it happens. Whatever the case may be, nothing sounds better than a plate of cheesy grease smothered in sauce.

And that’s exactly why (or so I seem to think) Denny’s has paired up with popular bands to cultivate the latest items for their late-night “Rockstar Menu.” The Rockstar Menu, with new dishes from Rascall Flatts, Good Charlotte, Gym Class Heroes and Sum 41, is offered from 10 p.m. until 5 a.m. The bands created the meals to reflect their personalities and albums, with corresponding titles such as “The Sumwich.” (does Sum41 still exist? Let’s hope “The Sumwich” isn’t served on stale bread!)

Denny’s claims they have a history of serving bands and their fans and hopes to attract young diners and music junkies through the rock groups’ branded meals. But something tells me it’s not just the bands’ brands enticing these late-night eaters.

Most ingredients on the menu include a large portion of meat, cheese, syrup, and well, basically everything you might “crave” in the wee hours of the morning.

So, next time after a long night of rocking and perhaps, rolling, head to Denny’s for the perfect munchies feast. It’ll taste so great then, but you’re bound to regret it in the morning.


Friends Reunion…Sort Of.

Last fall, Lexus launched an online entertainment channel called the ‘L Studio’ that featured an eclectic mix of high-toned programming covering everything from art to science. One of the lighter comedic shows they featured was Web Therapy. Lexus recruited “Friends” Alum Lisa Kudrow to headline Web Therapy and play a wacky shrink that counsels her patients via web cam. The ‘L Studio’ is Lexus’ attempt to connect with consumers and turn their brand into a lifestyle.

So far, so good.

Kudrow just received her first Webby for this hit series, and to keep the ball rolling Lexus recently recruited fellow former Friend Courtney Cox Arquette to appear virtually alongside Kudrow as a psychic who has lost her visions and is desperate to get them back. Cox even pokes fun at her husband’s large family and sister-in-law who plays a psychic on Medium.

It’s been five years since the two have appeared alongside one another, so tune in July 6 to see if the reunion will be as buzz worthy as Lexus hopes.

Verizon: The Buck Stops Here


On June 11th, Verizon’s guerilla marketing campaign to promote their 99-cents-a-day prepaid cell phone plan was put to a halt. The 60 taxis Verizon hired to transport people around Manhattan for only 99 cents per ride had to stop 3 hours after the promotion began. According to, the campaign violated a taxi-licensing rule that states that the meter must run while passengers are in the car.  Ultimately though, Verizon emerges as the hero in this story, fighting to protect New Yorker’s wallets.  While the Taxi and Limo Commission gets to look like jerks.  Perhaps the campaign was more effective this way.

Verizon hopes we’ll stay along for the ride when they continue their campaign on June 23rd by serving 99-cent Mister Softee ice cream around the city.

Carl’s Jr. Portobello Mushroom Six-Dollar Burger Starring…YOU

“How do you eat yours?”  This is the question Carl¹s Jr. is asking its consumers. In order to promote the comeback of the “Portobello Mushroom Six Dollar Burger,” Carl¹s Jr. has created a “viral” campaign through its own channel on YouTube.

First, they produced a high quality commercial for the Portobello Mushroom burger and posted it online. Then, they hired “YouTube stars” to post their own commercials revealing the way they eat their burger. A statement at the end of the commercial encourages viewers to upload original videos of the way they eat their burger.

Their sponsored videos have gotten well over a million views, and enthusiastic consumers are posting their own burger munching habits. A cheap way to promote a pricey patty.

Pre-Natal News

Forget Bing.  Microsoft may just trump the social networking world with its latest endeavor, Project Natal. Like something out of Minority Report, Project Natal will connect us to a virtual world through motion and voice sensors through the new Xbox 360 console.

The controller-less console scans your body’s skeleton, so it can sensor your body motions in order for you to connect to your friends and family in a more personal way than Facebook, Twitter, or even the phone (um. how personal can you go?).  The Xbox also allows you to watch movies and play games on your TV without a remote. Choose a movie with the wave of a hand. When it’s over, say “goodnight,” and off it goes.

“Project Natal” does not have a release date yet, but Microsoft hopes that it’s “no remote needed” console will be on shelves within the next year.

Beatles Reunited

On September 9, 2009 you can join John, Paul, George, and Ringo for a chance to experience the Beatles’ legendary story from the inside. With the release of The Beatles: Rock Band, players everywhere can experience the band’s career by unlocking songs in chronological order, selling out venues with songs like “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” and partaking in the psychedelic visuals associated with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. The game also has kick ass extras. Rock Band pros can master songs to hear rare audio and view previously unreleased photos of the Beatles.

Get your rock on early and pre-order The Beatles: Rock Band for XBOX 360, Playstation 3, or the Wii at a local retailer.