The Golden Girls Drinking Game

This was invented and became a staple in the late 90’s in Mid-Missouri. The game goes as follows:Every person in the room picks one of the 4 characters – Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, or Sofia.

For the entire episode the following cues lead to the following drink requirement based on your assigned character

Blanche makes a sexual innuendo = 1 drink, Blanche mentions the South = power drink

Rose says something airheaded = 1 drink, Rose mentions St Olaf = power drink

Dorothy gives advice = 1 drink, Dorothy mentions ex-husband Stan = power drink

Sofia makes a wise crack = 1 drink, Sofia mentions The Old Country = power drink

Any time the word “Cheesecake” is mentioned = Social!

Any time 3 or more of the women sit together to eat cheesecake all three must do a Power Social

If all 4 of the women are seated at one table, the first character to get up requires whoever has that character to finish their current drink.

Finally, if the extended theme song if played (The one with both verses and opening scene is a jet departing) all players must finish their first drink before that song ends.

Enjoy, and pour a little out on the stoop for our beloved Sofia, Dorothy, and Blanche.


6 thoughts on “The Golden Girls Drinking Game

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