Clips & Scripts from the NYC Intern

Many people know the story, small town person dreaming of the big city wondering if they can make it in the business; whelp that’s me! My name is Patrick Siller and I am one of the newest interns here at Phear Creative. Quickly a little bit about myself, I am from the metro Detroit part of Michigan and am just finishing up my schooling at Central Michigan University receiving a degree in journalism with a concentration in photography. I came to know Phear by volunteering at a camp in the beautiful northern area of Michigan. I happened to get into a golf cart driven by Mr. Bryan Terry’s father, Tom. As he sped me around the camp in his grand prix style he told me of his young son who owns his own production company in NYC. A business card and many telephone calls and e-mail’s later I arrived in NYC in early may to begin my term.

Since starting work with the team, I was thrown right into a very exciting project. Phear was doing the Senior Fashion Show video for the High School of Fashion Industries. This school is designed for kids who want to get into the Fashion world whether it is modeling, design, business; this high school teaches and helps you learn the skills to be successful. What we were shooting was the pre show production and the Fashion show itself.

These kids were truly amazing; some of the garments that they had produced were incredible. I have included in this post some of the photos I had taken through the three-day period Phear was lucky enough to be able to work with these gifted kids.

So continue to look back and hear from your not so typical intern in the Big City. I will try and post as much as I can share stories and photos to all who cares to read. I am blessed to be here at Phear and excited for the rest of the summer.


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