Observations from an impartial intern

Let me first describe to you where I come from. My home is located in the metro Detroit area. Although I have been in downtown Detroit several times for sporting events, concerts, and various other reasons I live in a place that is VERY different than Detroit itself. Now as far as where I attend school, Mount Pleasant Michigan. The easiest way to describe MTP, is basically like a recipe; take four parts farming, two parts college town, one part food joints, four parts bars, and add a Indian reservation with a casino resort. Mix it all together and you get Mount Pleasant The Chippewa area.

So my whole point is it is VASTLY different than NYC. Naturally coming into such an amazing city I have noticed several things towards this city that you can only experience first hand.

The stereotype that NYC is full of people who don’t care about you and are complete jerks is still true. However I was utterly surprised and impressed with how may people combating that there are. I have met so many people in this city who are so unbelievably nice and accommodating, it has southern hospitality getting a run for its money. Accordingly the feeling that a lot of people talked about post 911, about the feeling of pride for the city and being a New Yorker can still be felt through out the city.

Learning a second language is REALLY important. Considering it seems that more than 75% of the city don’t use English as their primary language.

It truly feels like this city never sleeps. Honestly I think the only way you can truly feel this is to live here for some time. Just walking down the streets it is just go go go. 

If you have a passion for the arts you are in good company. More and more people everyday are doing or trying to sell you some form of artistic expression. Jewelry, music, comedy, painting, clothing etc., it goes on and on. This is the Mecca of artistic expression.

The notion that NYC has some of the best pizza places is completely TRUE, I prefer Bens Pizza.

Frankly I am just going to stop listing them right there. Frankly this is just such an amazing city and I have been blessed to work and live here for even this short time. I will urge all to at least take a trip here. New York really is the greatest city in the world. 

More observations and Clips and Scripts from the intern to come thank you to all who is reading.  


Nathans is an American institution; be sure that I will be there on the 4 of July with camera in hand to get shots of the hot dog eating contest.


Nathans is an American institution; the hot dogs of the original Coney Island are amazing. And I will be there with camera in hand for the hot dog eating contest on the 4 of July!


This was one of the kids I went to Coney Island with who was a relative of my neighbors Ryan and Kate. He loved his experience, obviously.


Photos property of Patrick Siller





From The Vaults: A Wisconsin Student Film

Here’s a slightly revised version of the film I shot for my Intro to Production class in 2006. It was shot in Madison, WI using a Bolex and two 50ft reels (less than 5 minutes combined) of 16mm positive reversal film, then telecined to MiniDV where some color and resolution was definitely lost. Still, it was a fun project and I like the end result.

Clips & Scripts from the NYC Intern

Many people know the story, small town person dreaming of the big city wondering if they can make it in the business; whelp that’s me! My name is Patrick Siller and I am one of the newest interns here at Phear Creative. Quickly a little bit about myself, I am from the metro Detroit part of Michigan and am just finishing up my schooling at Central Michigan University receiving a degree in journalism with a concentration in photography. I came to know Phear by volunteering at a camp in the beautiful northern area of Michigan. I happened to get into a golf cart driven by Mr. Bryan Terry’s father, Tom. As he sped me around the camp in his grand prix style he told me of his young son who owns his own production company in NYC. A business card and many telephone calls and e-mail’s later I arrived in NYC in early may to begin my term.

Since starting work with the team, I was thrown right into a very exciting project. Phear was doing the Senior Fashion Show video for the High School of Fashion Industries. This school is designed for kids who want to get into the Fashion world whether it is modeling, design, business; this high school teaches and helps you learn the skills to be successful. What we were shooting was the pre show production and the Fashion show itself.

These kids were truly amazing; some of the garments that they had produced were incredible. I have included in this post some of the photos I had taken through the three-day period Phear was lucky enough to be able to work with these gifted kids.

So continue to look back and hear from your not so typical intern in the Big City. I will try and post as much as I can share stories and photos to all who cares to read. I am blessed to be here at Phear and excited for the rest of the summer.

Cover Wish

So bands covering other bands hits is nothing new. And so the other day I was making the drive down Highway 5 from LA to San Diego and Metallica’s “Unforgiven” came on. Now, I’m by no means a huge Metallica fan, but some of their songs are really good. As good as Lars Ulrich is annoying. Which is very. That said, as I listened to the song and how its structured I immediately thought, “How great would it be to hear the Pixies cover this?” Black Francis talk-singing the verse and then Kim Deal coming in with ” What I’ve felt, What I’ve known Never shined through in what I’ve shown…” Sounds like a good idea to me. Now, I can only imagine that Kim and Frank Black are huge fans of Little Friend, so guys, let’s make this happen. Please?