Original Music Videos

Peter and I recently shot this narrative with the hopes of turning it into a music video, and in the editing stage we each cut the footage to a different song.  We hope you enjoy both versions!

Santogold – I’m A Lady by Roy

Wolf Parade- Modern World by Peter


4 thoughts on “Original Music Videos

  1. Timtation

    The ultra- future fusion with the technobilly soundtrack gives the
    viewer a clear understanding how the explosive natural elements
    contrast manmade future features. Make me want to burn down the 7
    modern wonders of the world and grow a tree where they once stood,
    maybe even rebuild the hanging gardens of Babylon.

    Very powerful – borderline too powerful.

  2. S-Dagg

    Unbelievable, how were you able to keep the ping pong balls in your
    eyes during the death scene…
    Truly moving, both physically and emotionally.

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