The Molini

We recently returned from Moline, IL which is one of the four cities that makes up the Quad Cities on the Illinois and Iowa border.

After a night of some drinks with the staff at Montana Jack’s, we decided it was time for us to leave our mark. We set out to invent our own cocktail that would fully represent our time in Moline. At first, certain guidelines jumped out at us. The name was easy – it should be known as THE MOLINI. There would need to be four ingredients, representing the Quad Cities. The local beer should be included, as should some ice. The ice, or rocks as bar folk tend to call them, would represent both Rock Island, IL – another of the Quad Cities, and the water of the Mississippi River which divides the Quad Cities.

Montana Jack’s very own bartender Nicole was the mixologist when it came to our new invention. Here she prepares the twist of lemon.

THE MOLINI consists of the following

2 shots of Bent River Ale – local beer

1 shot of Grand Marnier

1 shot of Jack Daniels

Freshly squeezed lemon juice

Mixed and served over a couple cubes of ice – preferably frozen Mississippi River water.

Once the drink was created we felt it was best that a true Quad City local be the first to experience it. Luckily Ashley, who is an Aquarius and single, decided to step up to the plate.

After Ashley sipped the golden nectar, we all took our turn.

After we all sampled THE MOLINI we decided to complete the circle by allowing Nicole a sip of her hard work.

And finally everyone’s thoughts were recorded to get an official record of the birth of THE MOLINI.

THE MOLINI has arrived just in time for the summer. It’s smooth, refreshing, and delicious. The hints of citrus dance on the palate as the bourbon soothes your throat. This is a drink that makes you feel warm and cool at the same time. Much like a four-day work trip to the Quad Cities.


3 thoughts on “The Molini

  1. thescoundrel

    The thing about the Quad Cities is that depending on whom you ask, you will probably get a different explanation of what cities constitute the “actual” Quad Cities. The only three that are not disputable are Rock Island and Moline in Illinois plus Davenport in Iowa. Both East Moline in Illinois and Bettendorf in Iowa lay claim to the title of the Quad in the Quad Cities. And if you talk to anyone from several of the surrounding communities such as Silvis, Milan, Riverdale, Hampton etc. that have grown into the Quad City boundaries – they will also lay claim as being part of the Quad Cities though not the Quad of the Quad Cities. Personally I agree with the idea that there have been too many cites grown together to actually allow any one of the four cities to lay claim as the true Quad Cities.

  2. Nicole "The Bartender"

    Hi guys! It’s Nicole, the participating maker of “The Molini.” I love the Blog, hate the picture of me. Thank God it wasn’t the one with my mouth open. Remember that one? You guys were really fun, and I hope I get the chance to see you in the Quad Cities again. Hopefully @ Montana Jacks. To everyone who reads this, the Molini “IS REALLY NOT THAT BAD!” Definately recommend trying it. Don’t forget, that it is shaken, not stirred.

    To the person who commented on the Quad Cities: Quad means four. Which I feel is Moline, and Rock Island Illinois. Also Davenport and Bettendorf Iowa. Which is Rock Island County, and Scott County. Hampton is damn near Henry County. It is about four miles away from Henry County. East Moline is, well, East Moline. Silvis is just a fancy name for East Moline. So it wouldn’t be bigger than Moline. Silvis is nearly Henry County also, and Milan is a small town right in the middle of Moline, and Rock Island, and parts of milan are called Southwest Rock Island. They just have Milan phone numbers. In conclusion. I believe that, the four major cities in Iowa and Illinois, are the biggest ones. Which are Moline, and Rock Island, Illinois. Also Davenport and Bettendorf, Iowa. Sincerely a lifetime resident of the Quad Cities.

  3. thescoundrel

    Nicole, while Bettendorf is part of the current “region” called Quad Cities, Bettendorf was never part of the original Quad Cities. That is what makes territorial arguments so interesting in the Quad Cities. It also makes for great sport when talking to many of the citizens of the communities. Though in public settings I have learned to be a silent watcher during the eventual territorial bragging rights. I had a great laugh about your Silvis/East Moline fancy remark. Had you made that remark about seven years ago I would probably have shook my head in agreement. But after having lived is Silvis for seven years and making a few similar remarks over the time that got my ears burned – I can tell you that most of the senior Silvis residents that I have become acquainted with would probably chew your ear off for that statement. They like the rest of the Quad Cities are very territorial in asserting their city independence. In fact the whole “Quad” in Quad Cities was never more than a promotional and marketing idea. Up until my father moved our family into the region in the mid-1960’s the area was marketed as the Tri Cities, I know my mother had lived in this region once before and had a difficult time discarding that name when they switched to the Quad Cities. There are still a lot of older people in the surrounding countryside that call it the Tri Cities, which was the original three Rock Island, Moline and Davenport. In the mid 60’ they decided to include East Moline in the marketing and so they changed the name to the Quad Cities. It was not until sometime in the 1970’s that it was decided to include Bettendorf into the actual marketing mix. At that point they actually tried to rename the area again and call it the “Quint-Cities”. That name was never accepted by the community and the name “Quad Cities” has stuck as the proper moniker since. But the community continues to grow and as the cities grow into the smaller cities the smaller cities are still considered part of the Quad Cities region though not considered part of QC prime. Your Henry county assertion is another quirky thing I find amusing about the QC. Hampton is only close to Henry County because of the odd shape of Rock Island Co. But the sections of East Moline and parts of Hampton has grown together. Probably within the next decade you will be able to drive from East Moline up the Rt. 84 Rock Island Co. drive and never leave an urban setting until you reach the northern village limits of Port Byron. The smaller villages of Rapid City and Port Byron are seeing sprawling growth along the river outside their village boundaries that make just very short drives between Hampton-Rapid City-Port Byron without running into housing developments. It is inevitable that the towns will incorporate these areas for tax revenue. And though they will never be part of Quad City prime, much like how Bettendorf has become part of the Quad City region, they are slowly earning their spots as part of the Quad City marketing region.

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