We’re famous!!!

Yes! We totally made Page Six after the launch party for Damien’s Other Show. So how has this new fame affected us? Well, now we’re hungry for more. Like Paris, Lindsay, and the other paparazzi favs before us, it’s all about the publicity from here on out. We’re already in talks with some great Asian sweatshops to launch our own clothing line, a trip to the 3rd world is in the books for a potential baby adoption, and look for news on our entrance to rehab sometime in the late summer. We’re aiming for one of the mountain resorts more so than the desert alternative. We’d love to start dating a Good Charlotte, but would settle for any Pop Punker as long as they were down for a matching tattoo if we lasted more than two weeks. Better yet, maybe we go after one of those DJ’s who plays laptops. As far as being photographed sans underwear exiting a car, that’s very 2006 and we’re all about being on the edge. In the meantime, look for us at any of the NY hot spots and we’ll be there, in full-print hoodies, talking about bands our older brother listened to, and pretending to be cool with the rest of the crowd. Lookout Perez, you’ve got company.


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