Michel Gondry and Illustrated My Sling

Michel Gondry illustrated my sling

While I was at Pete’s Candy Store enjoying a concert by Nevada City, CA band Golden Shoulders, with special guest performer Joanna Newsom, I spotted director Michel Gondry. It wasn’t difficult to do, for he emitted an unmatched aura of focus and determination. I’d seen this focus before, though never in creative visionaries. I’m used to it in drunk dudes with popped collars who have invested $100 in boozing up a special lady and are trying to seal the deal. In his own lasciviously romantic (French) way, Gondry demonstrated this focus in his pursuit of Joanna. Presumably, the director, was there to discuss making for her a music video. To me he looked like a dude obsessively trying to get laid. I was a dude obsessively trying to get someone to draw on my sling. I was unable to satisfy his desire, but he satisfied mine.

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We’ve gone Hollywood.

The Hollywood Reporter ran this nice feature on Damien where he gives us a little love.

Some of the shortform bits were born from Fahey’s weeklong stint auditioning for “Late Late Show” after Craig Kilborn left in 2004, a time Fahey calls “the greatest week of my life.” Fahey works with production group phearcreative to film and edit the shorts, with MTV only giving final approval of the segments

Episode 3 of Damien’s Other Show is ready for your viewing pleasure here.

In other mobile video news our next series, Tailgate Trivia, was just greenlit and the plan now is to shoot the first run of episodes at Bonnaroo. We’re excited to be going back.

Tokyo Police Club & Smoosh Played Music Hall of Williamsburg

Last night Tokyo Police Club played at Music Hall of Williamsburg in support of their new record Elephant Shell, which was officially released at midnight and is now available on CD, LP and digital download.  They put on a great high-energy show, although a few songs lacked some of the tension that they’re so adept at capturing in the studio.  Fortunately, the tension was often traded for exuberance, and in “Nature of the Experiment” they were able to combine all their strengths and output my favorite performance of the night.

Also notable was the opening band Smoosh, a group of lovely young girls from Seattle who really won over the hearts of the audience.  For an opener this is no easy task, so I was duly impressed.  Even more impressive, however, was the technical skill and emotional presence of drummer Chloe, a student of Jason McGerr of Death Cab for Cutie.  She added a lot of weight to singer Asya’s vocals and keyboards, which were already very good on their own.

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Constantines Played Southpaw

Constantines put on a great show saturday at Southpaw in Brooklyn. They really delivered everything one could want in a rock show, complete with dueling guitars, driving beats, plenty of golden distortion, passionate yelling/singing, and even a cover of AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” for good measure. Other personal favorites of the night included “Lizaveta,” “Trans Canada” from their new record Kensington Heights, and a simply wonderful performance of “Draw Us Lines” during the encore.

Playoffs? You wanna talk about playoffs?

First off as someone who has an interest in video production, I really like the ads the NBA has come up with to remind basketball fans that the real season is about to begin.

The one knock about the playoffs is that the series take forever. There’s no reason why these guys can’t go every other night. Hockey playoffs are much more physically demanding and they only get a days rest between games. I know there’s some TV money thats stretching these series out, but it sucks for the fans.

That being said, try watching this and not want to take on the world.