Hoops there it is

Well the first weekend of March madness has come and gone and like a lot of sports fans, I will suffer from basketball withdraw until Thursday. Here are some things I took away from the first two rounds of the tournament. First of all, for the 2nd straight year I signed up on cbs.sportsline.com to watch all the game over the net. What a great service. You can watch whichever game you’d like which makes it a nice alternative to TV where you only get the single game being broadcast in your region. I watched over my Mac and must admit the streaming video is interrupted once in a while and freezes every so often. I’ve heard the experience is a little smoother on a PC. Regardless, having all the action at your fingertips is a great feeling for any fan. On my way home from Boston yesterday I was on a bus (limoliner.com) that provided free internet access so I was able to watch all the action live during my 4 hour ride. God bless technology. I can only hope that someday the TV broadcast will mirror that of the web model and us viewers will control what games we see. Currently you can get all the games over direct TV but that comes at a cost. As far as our office pool goes, I’m in 4th place in our company pool and with UNC as my predicted champ I feel good about my picks. We have 35 people competing and after this weekend the entry in first place belongs to my dad. I hope he’s able to enjoy the view from the top while it lasts.


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