The Real Little Friend

little friend

Last night saw the grand opening party for the Picture Box departmental store in Gowanus, Brooklyn. The new space looks great, and it was fun to peruse their excellent selection of graphic novels, art books and other unique merchandise. What really caught my eye, however, was an odd blue toy called Little Friend. Here’s the description from Picture Box:

Huggable talking plush toy friend created by artist Mike Kelley, produced in Hong Kong by PAM & Medicom. This pillow-sized toy is covered in blue plush and speaks twenty different phrases in random order when you squeeze it…eg. “Hurt Me, I Don’t Mind!” and “Do You Really Love Me?” Plush toy with plastic eyes, felt hands & feet; 480 mm tall; talking voice w/ 20 phrases; in color cardboard box; first edition of 800.

Also notable is the tagline on the box that reads “I WATCH YOU – all the time.” I think the blog has officially found its mascot.


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