The Frenzy: Viggle

Viggle, a new app that’s launching next week, may just change the way people watch television. It’s an app that uses shazam like recognition software to identify what program you are watching and then rewards you for your time as a couch potato. You can rack up points that turn into actual discounts at places like Netflix and Fandango. That way you never really have to stand up again. It’s like airline reward miles but for something you do far more often – watch TV. To read more, click here.


The Frenzy: Nickelodeon Loves Moms

NickMom is launching and just in time cause the kids that grew up watching Nickelodeon are now moms. Nick hopes to capture mom’s attention after the kids go to sleep with programming focused on and about moms. To read more about their plans and some of the programming slotted for NickMom, click here.